Day 1

Give or take a mile or two, the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine is 2,175 miles. I’ve finished 1,236 miles in sections of 12 of the 14 states the Trail goes through. Today we are starting to hike half of the 100 Mile Wilderness in Maine, my thirteenth state. I’m excited to see this part of Maine, some of the Thru Hikers favorite stretch of Trail. Maybe because it is the last 100 miles for North bound hikers (called NoBo’s) and marks the end of their journey.
We arranged a shuttle to JoMary Road, a remote private logging road in the middle of the 100 Mile Wilderness. In addition to paying our shuttle driver, Gary and I and our friends Laura and Tim, have to pay the logging company $12 each for the road access. Wow. It’s about 15 miles on this road to the Trail head.
Maine is noted for its scary, high water stream crossings. We are very lucky it has been dry and we were able to cross on the rocks, holding on to the ropes over our heads.
An eleven mile hike today and another mile on a side Trail to spend the night at WhiteHouse Landing Hostel. I try to take advantage of every pampered night on the Trail I can!
Waiting for our pick up, we are all tired and looking forward to dinner at WhiteHouse. The Hikers special is a half pound burger. Yikes, no way I can eat that much.
This is definitely the way to hike the Appalachian Trail! There is no electricity at WhiteHouse Landing, but we will get a cooked meal and fresh produce from the owners garden and hot showers and beds to sleep in. I fall asleep tonight listening to the call of loons.


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