Birthday Wishes

My friend Annie is celebrating a … significant …birthday and I was invited to contribute well wishes and salutations to a scrapbook along with other friends and family. Of course I wanted to do something with fabric!
I started by sewing together bits and pieces to build an interesting background and I was having a good time until I realized very little of this is going to show. Oh well! The piece is small, only 8 and a half by 11 inches.
It’s hard for me to work small. It took me three trys to size my images small enough. I printed the photos from my computer using Miracle Fabric Sheets from C Jenkins Company and fused them on the background. Just a bit of quilting to outline the figures and flatten the background.
I added the label on the back, using a page of the Appalachian Trail Guide from a section we had hiked together in New Hampshire. I hope she likes it.
Happy Birthday, Annie!


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